Father, son crime team accused of robbing gym-goers

Police say men took people's keys from locker room, burglarized cars

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - Police said a father and son crime team took advantage of gym-goers at the Brooks YMCA.

According to police reports, the pair went through people's open lockers, stole their keys and made their way into people's cars.

"It wasn't their first rodeo, obviously, and I guess I made an easy mark for them," said Matthew Freiman, one of the victims.. 

Freiman was working out at the YMCA with his valuables secured in the men's locker room.

"I believe these two gentlemen looked over my shoulder as I put my key code in, and as I was showering they got in, took my keys, went to my car, found my car and took credit cards, cash, my smart phone and my keys," said Freiman. "I went out and the door was open and they had taken things out of the wallet, but left the wallet in the console where I had left it."

Freiman is just one of many people who were robbed the same way. 

"We like to believe in the good of our community, that's what we're all about, but there's some level of malicious intent that just exists that we can't control. That's why we have security measures in place," said YMCA Vice President of Communications, Nikos Westmoreland.

Westmoreland said the YMCA has 24-hour surveillance in every corner of the parking lot and inside the building, and that security helped cops catch the crooks.

The criminals - father and son team Richard Tucker, Jr. and Sr. also swiped their real identification cards to get into the gym. After looking up their names at the front desk, and actions on surveillance, the two were arrested.

"You just need to make sure there's no one with wandering eyes who's looking, who's in your vicinity, who's trying to see you enter your pin, because that would of course give them access to your locker after you've walked away," said Westmoreland.

Channel 4 Crime Analyst Ken Jefferson said to always secure your valuables, no matter where you are.

"Even if it appears to have an honor system, there's no honor among thieves. You've got to lock it up," said Jefferson.

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