Girld Gone Green issues 'No Meat March' challenge

The Girls Gone Green provides recipes and resources to make it easy

By Kumasi Aaron - Reporter/The Morning Show anchor

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - Do you think you could give up eating meat permanently? If not how about for just one month? That's what one local group is asking. They want people to take part in "No Meat March" and start incorporating more veggies into their diet.

The Girls Gone Green is inviting everyone to take a 31-day pledge to go meat-free by taking the No Meat March challenge. No Meat March is a free, global campaign based out of Jacksonville, Florida that provide participants with resources and encouragement to make going meat-free for one month easy.

The group says nutritionists, environmental experts, celebrities and activists around the world are advocating for the benefits of enjoying meatless meals. Organizers believe there is no single better way to promote a healthier you and planet than steering towards a plant-based diet. They say research shows a meat-free diet can reduce your risk of heart disease by 32 percent.

When you sign up for the pledge, Girls Gone Green says they make sure participants receive daily emails with recipes, hints, and tips to help them stay on track. The group also holds special events throughout the month in an effort to celebrate the positive impact of No Meat March and offer even more resources.

Executive Director of The Girls Gone Green Julie Watkins says, "We just want you to use the 31 days of going meat-free as a way to explore your body and health. Try giving your body a break from foods high in fat and cholesterol to see if you like the way it makes you feel. We are here to offer support and encouragement."

The Girls Gone Green is a 501(c)(3) organization formed in 2007 devoted to environmental, animal and health issues. They say their goal is to improve the quality of their lives by improving the world around them.

The GGG brings makes an effort to bring their important issues to light by producing videos, hosting events, fronting campaigns and staying involved.

For more information or to sign the pledge please visit

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