Jacksonville law firm starts distracted driving campaign

Campaign targets local businesses

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - The Terrell Hogan Law Firm in Jacksonville is targeting local businesses with its new campaign against distracted driving.

Personal injury attorneys Wayne and Terrell Hogan have seen a large increase in the number of work-related deaths due to distracted driving, and wanted to help local businesses change their employees' bad habits.

"Employers, certainly the employees who are driving, causing the accidents, are going to have their own liability issues, not to mention that they may get seriously injured or killed themselves," Wayne Hogan said.

Hogan is providing an hour-long presentation that will provide information such as legal liabilities, recent court cases where employers and employees are held responsible for a wreck caused by distracted driving with graphic videos to prove how deadly distracted driving can be.

Hogan believes it's just a matter of time before distracted driving will be on the same level as drunken driving.

"Using a cellphone and making a call is about equal to drunk driving in terms of the likelihood that it would cause an accident," Hogan said.

According to an AT&T survey, 43 percent of teens admit to texting while driving, 23 percent of crashes involve cellphone use, and in 2011, more than 3,300 people died because of distracted drivers.

The campaign was created in honor of Casey Feldman, a 21-year-old college student in New York who was killed after a distracted driver struck her as she was walking across the street.

"A person could just be going along getting ready to have their whole future in front of them, and in the next instant due to distraction while driving, there's no future," Hogan said.

To request a distracted driving presentation for your business, call 904-722-2228.

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