Preventing Childhood bullying

October is National Bullying Prevention Month and President of Daniel, Jim Clark, put together a few guidelines for parents to go over with their children.

• Be a friend to the person being bullied. Children can help someone who's been bullied
• Tell a trusted adult at school, like a teacher or coach. An adult can help stop bullying by
• Help the person being bullied to get away from the situation. However they do
• Set a good example. Do not bully others. If a child knows not to bully others, then other
• Don't give bullying an audience.

The most obvious signs that your child is a victim of bullying are physical such as bruises or injuries. But others include:
• Seeming anxious
• Getting in trouble more easily than usual                                                • • Trouble eating or sleeping

If you discover that your child is the bully, Clark says that you need to talk to them about their behavior. Confront them and

Clark advises NOT confront the bully's parents or the bully himself.

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