Scam uses Obamacare to trick elderly

BBB warns of con-artist targeting seniors  

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A local scam involving people who claim to be government officials are using Obamacare in an effort to steal the identities of senior citizens.

The scam is similar to a recent Medicare con -- the phone rings, the other line says they are someone with the government and that's about as specific as the caller gets. The caller then requests personal information in return for Obamacare enrollment cards.

All they have to do is give information over the phone," said the Better Business Bureau's Tom Stevens.

Stephens said the caller will request things such as name, social security number and address in return for an enrollment card. Stephens said people need to be aware that currently, an enrollment process for Obamacare doesn't even exist. He added even if it did exist, it would never be done by phone.

Frustrated over the recent scam, Pat Ferguson believes the crooks underestimate seniors' ability to spot a con before it's too late and hang up the phone.

"They think we're stupid, not up-to-date, that we're senile. That's what they think," said Ferguson. "But they're wrong."  

For more information on this scam and similar scams, head to the Better Business Bureau website.

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