Smartphone app for car service gets mixed reviews

‘Uber' app could come to Jacksonville

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - A new way to request a car service could be coming soon to Jacksonville. It's called Uber and it's an app you download on your smart phone.

When people are in need of a ride across town, they can head to Uber to schedule a car to come pick them up.

Jacksonville City Council leaders are expected to take up the discussion about Uber coming to Jacksonville at their meeting Tuesday night. Despite positive reviews for the smartphone car service app, some are concerned that Uber's business model of setting their own prices will hurt taxi cab companies who's rates are regulated by meters.

Some City Council members told Channel 4 they think the new service would be a great opportunity for the city, but others believe the service could be a liability.

"They want to put you in any kind of vehicle and it has no meter and they can charge whatever they want to charge and all of your consumer protection is gone," said City Councilman Richard Clark.

Councilman Stephen Joost said the service would bring business to Jacksonville and customers should have the right to choose which option would suit them the best.

"Uber is not willing to indemnify the city and protect the city from their drivers, which not only puts riders at risk, but puts the city at risk at for a lawsuit that would result in a car accident that we currently don't have with taxi and limo services," said Clark.

"Now, if I go on a trip and fall at a business, do I sue the city or do I sue the business? All Uber is doing is offering a choice to consumers. Would you like to get a town car? You hit yes or no. The town car picks you up. If they have an accident how's is it Uber's fault? They are just a conduit," said Joost.

The city will discuss bringing Uber to Jacksonville during Tuesday's council meeting.

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