Online lost and found


Ever wonder what happens to all of that stuff people leave behind at parks or other places? What about all of those unclaimed bags at airports? If it's not claimed by the rightful owner, you can find a lot of the stuff for sale online.

Propertyroom.com is one example. The site auctions items turned over by public departments like police, fire and parks. They also have property seized from criminals. Propertyroom.com specializes in bikes, jewelry and clothing at very large discounts.

Publicsurplus.com is another site where you will find great deals on lost and found merchandise. They have mostly surplus items like office equipment but while you're on that site, check out the "motorpool" category. You'll find deals on decommissioned city vehicles and seized cars from drug dealers.

Finally, "Unclaimed Baggage" is a store in Scottsboro, Ala., where they sell the contents of unclaimed suitcases and more. They also have an online store, unclaimedbaggage.com. You can find all kinds of items on this site, most for a fraction of what you pay in regular stores. Perfume, clothes, jewelry, cameras and toiletries are among some of the things you'll find for sale.

No matter which site you check out, make sure you account for any taxes, shipping and handling costs.