6 things that will cost you less in 2013

Dealnews.com releases list of where you can expect to save this year


With the new year, brings new prices on certain things.  We want to focus on where you'll save.

Oil analysts at Deutsche Bank are predicting oil prices will drop $30 dollars a barrel this year. Relief at the pump may not come immediately, but soon!

Dealnews.com also says if you need a new smartphone, or you just want one, they predict you will find great deals this year. They say you may have to sign a contract to get them, but prices could start as low as zero!

Once you have that smartphone, use it to shop.  As a result of the mobile shopping explosion, people using their cell phone to buy will get more coupons and promotions than other customers.

If you scored an e-book over the holidays, dealnews.com says that you're going to love 2013. Amazon announced it will once again discount Kindle books.  Other retailers are expected to compete with the new, lower pricing.

Something else that's getting slashed: Prices for 60 inch LCD HDTVs. They've been lower than what most consumer sites even predicted so far, and they're expected to drop even more in the next couple of months.

And finally, streaming  video will likely cost less in 2013. Redbox is offering service for as low as $8 a month.  Netflix and Amazon Instant Video are competitors and they will likely react to the new competition by offering lower prices or some sort of bonus for subscribers.