New pajama trends

Channel 4's Nikki Kimbleton tries some recommended PJ sites


It's cooling down again and that means it will be a little harder for many of you to get out of that warm bed and face the day. Do you know what can help? Consumer Reports said in a recent article that it's the perfect pair of pajamas.

In the January issue of "ShopSmart," Consumer Reports lists several websites selling only sleepwear. All of the sites meet their tough standards for privacy, contact information disclosure and service.

Channel 4's Nikki Kimbleton tested out the first site, www.Pajamagram.com. She received two of their hoodie and footie styles. One for Nikki, one for Meteorologist Richard Nunn. The site is recognized by Consumer Reports for the best place to shop if you want to give the gift of relaxation. The pj's arrived in a pretty bag complete with a bag of bath confetti and "Do Not Disturb" sign. Nikki and Richard loved them!

If you don't do well in cold weather, you may want to check out www.PajamaCity.com. Consumer Reports said this site is best for people who like to stay toasty warm, especially their feet. The styles here range from unique to crazy and fun. You can even find a sock monkey "onesie" for adults, complete with a sleep cap.

If you're looking for luxury, try www.CaroleHochman.com. This is seriously pretty sleepwear. So pretty, you may not want to take it off. The prices are what you would expect for luxury pajamas but again, it's night wear that you could almost get away with wearing out of the house.

Want to sleep sounder knowing that your purchase is making a difference? Shop at PUNJAMMIES.com. Not only do these look amazing, each is handmade from authentic Indian fabric. Plus, they're made by women recovering from forced prostitution. Proceeds help pay fair wages and support workers.

And finally, www.thecatspjs.com. Consumer Reports says these are best for whimsical prints. You'll find pj's covered with sushi, happy hour cocktails and other designs to brighten your morning. Some styles even come with matching sleep shades.