Inspector warns of bogus job offers


Who isn't seduced by the idea of making a little extra money on the side?  But inspectors say beware.  Those ads promising easy money for simply stuffing envelopes are most times, not what they appear to be.

"On the website and on the radio what they heard is they would be stuffing envelopes and being paid up to $5,000 a week," said US Postal Inspector Daryl Greenberg.

Sounds like a good deal, right?  More than 230 people in one case alone were lured in by this bogus job offer.

"You had very young victims out of high school and you had very elderly victims. You had victims who were destitute," said Greenberg.

Here is how to protect yourself from this kind of scam:  Never give your personal information to a person or company you don't know.  Check out the company with the Federal Trade Commission, Better Business Bureau or State Attorney General before you send any money.  And, be skeptical.

"I have never found a legitimate envelope-stuffing project that actually panned out the way people believe," said Greenberg.

Postal inspectors say be on the lookout for another new scam. You're asked to receive, repackage and then mail merchandise to a foreign address.  The contents are usually paid for with stolen credit cards. IF you repackage and mail it,  you become part of a fencing operation and could face criminal charges.