The scent of a woman

Smells that will make a man go wild


JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Are the smells we love, good for our love lives?  One Jacksonville couple we talked to love each other au naturel.

"She could have no fragrance on, she still smells good to me. We're just an old couple that loves each other," said John Milano about his wife Barbara.

"He doesn't really wear any scents, he smells like (sniff) him and that's a good enough," said Barbara about her husband John.

But on the research side, the Smell and Taste Treatment and Research Foundation sniffed out the smells that attract men the most and say skip the musk and Chanel Number 5, because it's the smell of baked goods, candy and fruit that really make men go wild.

Men aged 18 to 64 sniffed 30 different scents.  Men liked peppermint, chocolate and pink grapefruit but pumpkin pie increased arousal in 40-percent of men.

Even more exciting than pumpkin, vanilla.  It's on the top of the list and has long been believed to be a natural aphrodisiac, followed by orange, musk and lavender.

We asked Tony Lee, knowing that pumpkin pie and vanilla creates arousal in 40 percent of Men, would she buy a fragrance.

"I'm about to bake a pie now, with enough vanilla in it too," she answered.

It's not just about the ladies.  The way a man smells is important too.  In several tests with hundreds of college students, girls consistently ranked how a guy smells as the most important feature for determining whether or not she'd be sexually attracted to him.  That's right!  For women, it's not your looks, your abs, your height or weight that will get you that first date - it's how you smell.