Con man threatens victim's family, leads to capture

Picture sent with targets on faces of family members


Postal inspectors are sharing a story of a con man's creative scheme to steal thousands of dollars from various employers.  But they say it was his decision to threaten victims with violence that ultimately did him in.

"The message was a threat against me and my family," explained the anonymous attorney who was one of the con man's victims.

An email threat was sent to him from a man who had attempted to swindle his employer.

The scheme began with a letter the con man sent to media outlets.

"He actually drafted a letter on his employer's letterhead making it look like the employer had written the letter about the individual being a sex offender," said John Jackman, US Postal Inspector.

To be specific, recruiting and trafficking young women for erotic services.

The con artist then filed a defamation suit against his employer.

"He's trying to get money, trying to get a quick buck like he did in the past," said Jackman.

The attorney was brought in to fight the suit and received the email threat with photos attached.

"A couple were horrifying; pictures of my children with rifle crosshairs superimposed on their heads. The purpose was to frighten me into being less vigorous in that particular case," he said.

Postal Inspectors worked the case and arrested the culprit.  Inspectors' advice to employers is to thoroughly check someone out before hiring him or her.  And their advice to anyone who's threatened is to report it to law enforcement immediately.

The suspect in this case admitted his guilt and was sentenced to 51 months behind bars and three years of supervised detention.