Gas prices dip pre-Independence Day

Despite drop, drivers still feeling pain at pump


JACKSONVILLE, Fla.Drivers are getting a welcomed surprise at the pump this Fourth of July. During the time when gas prices usually go up, the national average is going down, and is now under $3.50 per gallon.

AAA estimates a whopping 34.4 million people will hit the road this Independence Day, and with lower gas prices, you'd think it'd be incentive for Jacksonville families to travel. But to our surprise, most said the are staying close to home this holiday.  

"I plan on staying home and off the roads," said Barry Sams. 

Sams runs a lawn service and says his biggest expense is gas. "They're still up there pretty high, and with this big truck, it takes quite a bit to get to work and get this equipment going," Sams said.  

According to AAA, the national average on gas has gone down nearly three weeks in a row. But lower prices still aren't as low as they were last year when gas was at $3.33 per gallon.

"My gas tank just stopped at $45 and last week it was $48, so it could be that it is going down," said Zenobia Thomas. 

Despite the pre-Independence day dip in prices, many drivers Channel 4 spoke to Tuesday said they are still feeling the pain at the pump and cannot afford to leave.

"When you go travel, usually the prices go up. I am surprised that it has gone down a little bit, but I'm sure it's going to go up a lot on the Fourth of July so I'm trying to fill up now," said Linda Kreitt.