Think '30-40-30' when it comes to your tax refund

Financial planner offers advice prior to the April 15 tax filing deadline


30-40-30. That's a guideline to remember when it comes to your taxes.  W-2s have just been sent out and although the deadline to file taxes isn't until April 15th, Kansas State University financial planner Elizabeth Kiss says do your taxes early.

"Break it down into steps," she advised. "Gather all your paperwork, all your receipts, anything you're going to need, then, sit down and do it and then maybe the day after that or whenever you're ready to file, review it first."

If you're getting money back, Kiss says split it up 30-40-30. That's 30 percent for paying past debts like credit cards. 40 percent for current use and make it something fun. Then 30 percent for future goals like summer vacation or retirement.

Even if you're not getting any money back, Kiss encourages you to fill out the forms early.

"If you're going to owe, by completing your return early, it's an opportunity for you to figure out how you're going to pay for what you owe," she said.

If you do owe, you can contact the IRS to work out a payment plan. 

If you prefer face-to-face assistance, the Jacksonville, FL IRS office is located at 400 West Bay Street.  You can call (904) 655-1040 for updated office hours.  Click for services provided at this Jacksonville IRS location.  To find another IRS office location, click here.