Only 10% of recalled kids' products actually returned or fixed

Children's safety advocacy group says delayed recalls have contributed to deaths


CHICAGO – A children's safety advocacy group found only 10 percent of recalls affecting children's products, are actually returned or fixed, as reported by USA Today.

Such a low number of successfully recalled products means many commonly used items that could hurt or kill children, likely remain in use.

The new report from Chicago-based organization "Kids in Danger" also says companies and regulators wait too long to issue recalls, and the delays have contributed to the deaths of infants and other children.

It typically takes 13 reports of a design flaw and at least two injuries to trigger a recall.

Last year, there were 113 children's products recalled, but many parents say they only heard about two or three.

The Juvenile Product Manufacturer's Association says companies that sell children's products are trying to improve recall awareness by launching educational campaigns.

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