Florida sheriff targeted in bogus check scam

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MIAMI, Fla. – If you think you'll never be the target of a con artist, think again.  No one is out of reach of criminals wanting to make an easy fortune.  Just ask the Sheriff of Broward County.

"When the detectives looked at it they immediately said they were bogus checks," said Sheriff Scott Israel.

Sheriff had asked officers to inspect two checks he received in the mail.

"I knew right away, these companies didn't owe me money," said the Sheriff. "I guess, you're kind of offended even as the sheriff to find out even these crooks say I'm not impervious to the these scams."

The con men obviously chose the wrong target. And that's the point. all of us are vulnerable to scams.

"There is no legitimate reason for somebody to send you a check or money order in the mail and ask you to send money back to them," said US Postal Inspector Blanca Alvarez.

There may be no reason but this is one typical way con artists are luring victims into several schemes, including the so-called mystery shopper scam.

"They ask you to take a check or money order they send you and deposit it into your own bank account," Alvarez explained.

Then your told to purchase an item, complete the mystery shopper questionnaire about the experience and then wire back the remaining money from the original check.

"A few weeks later you find out that they check or money order you deposited to your account was counterfeit," said Alvarez.

So, victims are on the hook for the entire amount lost.

Alvarez warned, "Never wire money to someone you don't know because once you wire the money, it's gone and it's almost impossible to get back."

"If these individuals are going to send a check or try to commit a scam and the victim is going to be the Sheriff of Broward County, they will do it to anybody," added Sheriff Israel.

Postal inspectors say checks as well as counterfeit money orders are often sent through the mail, so be on the lookout for both.

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