Secret to buying a car

Everything you need to know can be found on the internet


WINTER PARK, Fla. – Reginald Rodwell has been in the auto industry 25 years. He says the secret to buying a car is that everything you need to know is on the internet.

The key is knowing where to look and doing your homework.

"Know what you want and know what your budget is then again you can't be taken advantage of," Rodwell said.

"I know before I get here," said car shopper, Ron Price. "I think you should research on anything you do."


Buying a car can be an emotional purchase, Rodwell said.

"Sometimes you go in its beautiful it's shiny and shinier than your vehicle so you want it but wanting it and affording are two different things," he said.

First find out what the dealer paid for the vehicle, you can head to Edmunds or True Car website for that info.

"It gives you a starting point in price of what to expect the dealer to be selling a vehicle for," said shopper Mike Tucker. "You kind of have a heads up and don't get a sticker shock when you walk in."

Before walking into a dealer consumer should know their credit score to ensure you get the best financing.

If you are trading in a car know the value of the trade-in, you can head to AutoTrader.com for an accurate estimate and finally do a needs assessment--what car do you need not necessarily want?


Brandy Kim recalls her last car purchase.

"I think the last couple cars we bought we knew what we wanted when we came on the lot," Kim said. "We have just looked for what was important to us and look for the best value."

Getting the best deal means negotiating. Keep in mind dealership mark ups are typically 6 to 10 percent. So be ready to negotiate off the sticker price and if another dealer has same car cheaper most dealers will match it.

"We get that phone call all the time and we say yeah come on down," Rodwell said.

One of the hottest websites when buying a car is TrueCar.com. This site allows you to plug in the car you want and search for the dealer who will give you the best price in your area.

This information equals power now in the hands of the consumer.

Before signing on the dotted line, take a close look at the fees and don't purchase pointless dealership services.

Ultimately, what is most important?

"My wife! She has the final say," Price said.