Discount grocery helping neighbors in need

DWP Discount Food & Produce is located at 1633 Farm Way in Middleburg, Fl.
DWP Discount Food & Produce is located at 1633 Farm Way in Middleburg, Fl.

MIDDLEBURG, Fla. – When the economy tanked, so did their family business. Mark Ravencamp was trying to figure out what to do next, and so were a lot of his neighbors. They still had a sizable space in a Middleburg strip mall so they decided to put it to good use. They turned it into a discount grocery that really doubles as a mission project.

Three and a half years ago, Ravencamp set up shop with the idea of providing fresh food for his struggling neighbors at a huge discount. "Within the first week we knew it was the Lord's work and it just took off from there," Ravencamp said.

Today, his store is full of fresh foods. Most things he buys in bulk and as scratch and dent products. "We try to deal directly with the farmers," Ravencalp told us. "I can't get everything from them but 80 percent comes from them."

Andrea Tomey has been shopping here for more than a year saving as much as 50% on her overall grocery bill. "I love coming up here because he always has a great variety of fruit snacks," Tomey told us. "It's just all really fresh."

Tomey relies on DWP Discount Food & Produce for a lot of the basics. The day we were there, she walked out with 6 bags full of food for under $70.
That included meats, canned and fresh vegetables, boxed foods and more.

Everything Ravencamp sells is 100 percent guaranteed. If you don't like it, you can bring it back for any reason. So many people in this community told us they don't know how they would feed their family without this place.

"We have all kinds of stories that come in. People that can't make it week to week that come in here and they can spend $10 and have enough food for two or three days," Ravencamp said.

Since the store is closed on Sunday and Monday's, anything that Ravencamp knows will spoil over that time he donates to his church. He also has rummage sales the first Saturday of every month (with no charge to vendors) to allow others to make a little bit of money.

To get more information, find the store on Facebook.