Yes! Shaving cream can help you clean

Easy ways to clean up after summer, get ready for fall


JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Outdoor barbeques and warm weather might sound like fun in the sun, but can leave a huge mess by the time fall rolls around. So how do you clean up in time for the cooler weather?

When it comes to dirty patio furniture, just apply shaving cream to the spot for about 10 minutes then wipe the dirt away.

Cleaning the grill doesn't have to be a problem. Just wrap aluminum foil around the grill grates for half-an-hour. Then, remove the foil to see those grates as good as new.

How about those worn out flip flops? A simple rinse in the dishwasher can make them shine again.

For your bathing suit, try sticking it in a Ziploc bag filled with baby powder after a swim. This keeps the suit clean and prevents the growth of mildew.