Avoid Holiday Hacking

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Did you know a simple Google search could end up with someone having access to your personal information? The bad guys usually try to get you one of four ways. Unfortunately, a couple of them are things we all do. The best way to watch out for Scrooges trying to steal more than your good cheer is to protect yourself by watching out for these holiday hacks.

First off, watch out for 'clickjacking.' This popular scam involves online games that try to make you click something moving on your computer screen. You could instead be clicking on a concealed link that gives scammers access to information stored on your computer.

Next, watch out for fake Google results. If you do a Google search for a popular christmas toy, for example, there's a good chance that some of the results will be links to fake sites or images that have viruses or malware. Also be wary of the apps you download on your phone or facebook page. Researchers found that Android phones are vulnerable to text message phishing if users download infected apps.

Another thing to watch out for is email phishing. Your inbox might fill up with donation requests or holiday deals over the coming weeks. If these emails come from people or groups you're not familiar with, delete them because they're likely attempts to steal your personal information or con you out of big bucks.