FDA: dark chocolate could contain milk

The FDA found many brands don't label if the product contains milk


JACKSONVILLE., Fl. – Do you know what's in your chocolate?  Dark chocolate is a go to treat, but the Food and Drug Administration is warning consumers about what could be in the dark chocolate.  A study revealed it could contain milk. 

The FDA found some brands didn't specify the dark chocolate contained milk on the label.  This could be potentially dangerous for someone allergic to milk.  There are eight major food allergens, including milk, which by law are supposed to be listed on the label if any of the allergens are in a product.   

The study involved testing 100 distinctively different dark chocolate products.  

The results of the study are expressed below in the chart. 

Label SpecificationsFDA test results 
17 labeled "dairy free or allergen-free"2 contained milk
7 labeled presence of milk7 contained milk
93 with no indication of milk presence on label55 contained milk
11 labeled "traces of milk"6 contained milk at high levels

According to the FDA, Steit's Dark Chocolate Coins were recalled back in January due to the lack of the label listing a presence of milk.  The FDA found the product did contain milk.