Florida ranked in top five for most airport gun confiscations

Airport security confiscated 2,212 guns in 2014


JACKSONVILLE, Fl. – Florida airports ranked in the top five for most guns confiscated from an airport in 2014.  

Star-Telegram reports, airport security confiscated the second highest amount of guns at Florida airports compared to all airports in the United States.  

Last year, airport security confiscated a total of 2,212 firearms.  

Star-Telegram reports, three Florida airports were ranked in the top 10 of most guns confiscated at an airport.  Tampa International Airport came in at number seven.  Airport security confiscated 49 guns at that airport last year.  Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport was the eighth airport for most guns confiscated in 2014.  Security also confiscated 49 guns.  Orlando International Airport ranked at number 10, with security confiscating 47 guns.

According to The Wall Street Journal, security confiscated 10 guns at Jacksonville International Airport. 

The majority of firearms were confiscated at Texas airports.  Security confiscated 120 guns at Dallas/ Fort Worth Airport.  The Transportation Security Administration states the majority of confiscations came from DFW.