Publix being sued

The family claims the 11 year-old died after eating a chocolate chip cookie


A Tennessee family is suing Publix.  They accused the store of improperly labeling a cookie.  The family claim one of the children died after an allergic reaction.  

Palm Beach Post reports, 11 year-old Derek Wood ate a Publix chocolate chip cookie.  His family says he was allergic to nuts since he was young.  

The family claims a worker told them the cookie was nut free.  Though it's report there were walnuts in the chocolate chip cookie.

His family says the cookie caused his mouth to burn.  An epinephrine pen was administered and Wood was taken to the hospital.  He ended up dying. 

According to the lawsuit, the family wants to raise awareness about food allergies. 

At this time Publix is not commenting on the case.