Push to stop illegal robocalls on wireless phones

Inventor says his system stopped 15 million calls last year


It took Aaron Foss 6 months to get his Nomorobo call blocking system on line with VOIP or voice over IP cable phone systems. The system is free but still not available on wireless phone systems including AT&T and Verizon.

Foss was in Washington recently to meet with the Federal Communications Commission to review the applications of his invention.  The FCC has been get


ting input from telecommunication companies and experts to determine if wireless carriers would be able to implement a call blocking system.

Foss says he can get his system on line for every carrier.

"For Nomonrobo we blocked over 15 million robocalls last year," Foss said. "To illustrate this to the FCC, I brought 25 cases of call logs."

It took a fork lift to handle the files which included more than 25,000 consumer complaints all describing calls ranging from bogus cash prizes to threats from an IRS impostor.

"There was a ton from Florida, a lot of people that got taken advantage of by scams," Foss said.

Larry Guest has been a customer of NOMOROBO for a year. He says the calls are blocked on his home phone but his cell phone is still a target for unwanted calls.

According to Guest, even placing his cell phone number on the no call list has failed to stop the interr



"They all sell these lists and if you fit their financial profile then here they come," he said.

The FCC hasnt made a final decision yet but all indications are they want something done. AT&T and Verizon have offered concerns about the system blocking legitimate calls, say from a doctor's office, but Foss says no, they do go through.

There are several no-call list apps available now including NumberCop.com and Kedlin Company.  These systems require you to put in the specific unwanted numbers and since those robocalls keep changing the system is only as good as the list you have accumulated.

You can place your number on the Florida Do Not Call list at no charge. That number will remain on the list for five years.  Sign up at FLDNC.com.