103 skimmers found in more than 7,000 gas stations

Gas pump skimmers investigated by Florida Department of Agriculture


TALLAHASSE, Fla. – The Florida Department of Agriculture announced the findings of a three-month long investigation into gas pump devices called skimmers that steal credit card information.

In the more than 7,000 gas stations inspected around the state, 103 skimmers were found. The department will also be partnering with the Florida Petroleum Council to help better educate gas station workers in identifying skimmers.

"One hundred three machines that were taking people's credit cards and information, every minute of every day for who knows how long?" said Erin Gillespie, of the Florida Department of Agriculture. "We don't know, unfortunately, how long the devices were on the machines or who put the devices there. Of course that's part of our investigation, but every one of these removed by inspectors is protecting consumers every day.

The department recommends that anyone who feels they may have been a victim of card skimming to contact their bank as soon as possible to cancel their card and dispute any charges.