Survey ranks credit cards with the most and least fees

100 cards surveyed


A survey by CreditCards.com shows there's only one credit card that doesn't charge any extra fees. 

The site looked at 100 different cards to come up with a list of the best and worst.

They found there are two cards charging up to 12 different fees.

According to CreditCards.com research, First Premier Bank tops the list of worst fees, with up to a dozen potential fees. This applies to their regular credit card, and their secure MasterCard.

PenFed's Promise Visa Card is listed as the best choice for consumers. Of the 100 cards surveyed, this was the only one that did not charge extra fees.

Research shows the average credit card charges about 6 fees. Most of the fees come from things like late payments and cash advances. 

Here's a look at some of the other cards in the best and worst categories.

Cards with the most potential fees:

First Premier Bank Credit Card (12)

First Premier Bank Secured MasterCard (12)

Credit One Visa Platinum (9)

Fifth Third Bank Platinum MasterCard (9)

Navy Federal Credit Union Platinum (9)

Navy Federal Credit Union Cash Rewards (9)

Regions Visa Platinum Rewards (9)

Cards with the fewest potential fees:

PenFed Promise Visa Card (0)

ExxonMobil SmartCard from Citi (3)

Spark Classic from Capital One (3)

Capital One Spark Cash Select for Business (3)

Spark Miles Select by Capital One (3)