Seven tricks to make things last


Save money in the kitchen by storing items in jars, like pasta sauce and salsa, upside down to prevent mold and keep them fresh longer.

Keep the wrapper on blocks of cheese as you cut. Touching the cheese directly will transfer bacteria and cause it to mold faster.

Cut supplies in half like sponges, paper towels and dryer sheets because you don't need them in their entirety

Spray cleaning supplies on a rag or paper towel rather than directly on the surface which wastes a lot more.

Razors are expensive and never last very long. Extend their life by keeping them dry after use and sharpen them by rubbing them on an old piece of denim.

Finally, freeze candles the day before use to extend their burn time.

Other tricks to try: flip and rotate your mattress every three months to extend its life. Also avoid having to throw away your coffee maker by running equal parts of vinegar and water through the brew cycle each month followed by a few rounds of just water. It will keep it in great shape and as an added bonus will make your coffee taste better.