Stores go digital

Stores are competing against online retailers


JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Stores around the country are now starting to use digital pricing.  Bloomberg Business reports, Kohl's uses digital pricing in almost 1,200 Kohl's stores.  Digital pricing allows employees to quickly change a products' price compared to the time it takes to walk throughout the store changes the prices.

Experts say the move to digital pricing was brought on because of online shopping.  Many shoppers will check online retailers to see if the product they're looking to buy is cheaper online.  Amazon is one of the biggest online competitors of stores.

Nebraska Furniture Mart's Chief Information Officer, David Bash, says electronic pricing helps customers to find the best price. 

A Department of Defense spokesman says it's helped eliminate any confusion of price.  He says it has also reduced customer complaints. 

It can cost retailers thousands of dollars to switch out to electronic displays.