Kohl's sued over prices

Kohl's accused of marking products with false prices


LOS ANGELES, Cali. – Two shoppers are suing Kohl's saying the department stores made up original, false prices of products.  

Consumerist reports, the lawsuit claims the store makes customers believe they're getting a discount, but customers are not actually ever paying less for a product.  It states this was done by Kohl's marking a product with a sale price the company wants to sell the product at and marking the product with an original price that the product never cost to begin with and was actually made up.

The lawsuit claims the company is doing it for the product lines it owns, which are Simply Vera, Sonoma, Daisy Fuentes Jennifer Lopez, Apt. 9, Elle, Croft & Barrow and Mudd. 

Law 360 reports, there was another similar care in 2010 that was dismissed, but brought back up three years later.  The Circuit stated the company caused customers to buy products they wouldn't normally.  It said this was done by material misrepresentations.  Court records show plaintiffs dropped the claims.