Save money with your smartphone


With student loan debts and household expenses, it's hard for millennials to keep on track. A recent USA Today survey found that only two-percent of millennials are saving for retirement! But a few new apps can watch your spending and get you to stay on budget.  

Digit is an app that watches your checking account for extra money and before you can spend it. It hides in a savings account.    

Another app, Acorns, rounds up your purchases to the nearest dollar and saves the rest. It can even help you put those savings into an investment portfolio.  

If you just need a little guidance, Mint is a personal finance app that will help you create a financial plan using all of your bank, credit card, and investment accounts. 

The apps are free to download but some may require additional fees for premium services. Because of the personal data used in the apps, it is important to have a strong account password and you should keep your phone locked.