Shocking crash test results of pet crates


CHERRY HILL, NJ – Chances are you are hitting the road for the Thanksgiving holiday and if you have pets, they may be taking the trip with you. Before you load them up, we have some video that will very likely change your plans.

Subaru and the Center For Pet Safety teamed up for tests that will both disturb you and open your eyes. They placed weights inside of stuffed animals and put them into different types of pet crates. Then, they put them into simulated collisions at medium speeds. Most were just 30 miles per hour.

In this video you will see what happens in a typical, plastic pet crate and a small, soft-sided carrier.

It's clear, not all crates and carriers are created equal. After testing different materials and sizes of crates and putting them through crashes at different speeds, Subaru and the Center For Pet Safety came out with a few suggestions about which ones will keep your pets safest in a crash.

When it comes to the safest crates for large dogs, the Gunner Kennels G1 tested the best. It's costs about $500.

For small dogs, two carriers performed well. The Sleepypod Mobile Petbed for $179. And the Pet Ego Forma Frame Jet Set for $150.

Remember, if this is what happens in a pet carrier, imagine what can happen to your pets when they have no protection. The Center For Pet Safety asks that you please consider securing your pet when traveling. After all, they need protecting too.