Uber now offering cross-country rides


SAN DIEGO – Uber is launching cross-border service between Mexico and the United States.

It’s a new program called Uber-Passport. The service will allow riders to travel one-way from San Diego, California to Tijuana, Mexico. Uber officials say they chose the two cities because they are sister communities that are already closely linked.

The mayor of San Diego applauded the decision.

“San Diego is not only excited to be an Uber city, but to be the first cross-border Uber city," said Mayor Kevin Faulconer. "This Uber new passport program highlights the best of what San Diego has to offer by offering one of the most innovative apps to bridge countries, businesses and families together in a way that has never been done before.”

The trip price begins with a $4.30 per minute base fare. Passengers must also pay border crossing fees.