'Bug Juice' recall: May contain plastic, metal shavings

Recall is voluntary


JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Bug Juice International, Inc. has issued a voluntary recall for its popular children's drinks.

Bug Juice is being recalled due to process deviations that may have resulted in plastic or metal shavings in the liquid. The error in the bottle sorting process happened in a facility not owned by the company.

No injuries or sicknesses have been reported.

The products affected by the recall include the following codes:

Case Code- 6046C, 6047C, 6048C, 6049C, 6053C, 6054C, 6055C, 6056C, 6057C, 6060C, 6061C, 6062C, 6063C, 6064C, 6067C, 6068C, 6069C, 6070C, 6071C, 6074C, 6075C, and 6076C.

Individual Bottle Code- 6046OBC, 6047OBC, 6048OBC, 6049OBC, 6053OBC, 6054OBC, 6055OBC, 6056OBC, 6057OBC, 6060OBC, 6061OBC, 6062OBC, 6063OBC, 6064OBC, 6067OBC, 6068OBC, 6069OBC, 6070OBC, 6071OBC, 6074OBC, 6075OBC, and 6076OBC.

The company said people who have bottles containing any of these codes may return them for a refund. Questions or concerns can be directed to Bug Juice at 1-810-225-3200.