Amazon scam targets holiday shoppers


MIAMI – A new scam involving Amazon.com proves that when it comes to holiday shopping, crooks always play the role of the Grinch.

Customers are being told to look out for emails that look like they're from Amazon, but are clever fakes that appear authentic.

The emails state that a recent order cannot be shipped and there are problems with processing that require the customer to confirm information so they can access their accounts or place future orders.

When shoppers click on the link to confirm their account, they are taken to a page where they are told to enter their name, address and credit card information. 

The page, of course, is a fraud.

There are many ways to identify whether you are being targeted for this scam:

  • If the fake email is "from" an Internet provider other than @amazon.com, it's is a fraud.
  • Make sure the email link is from a secure source that displays "https" and not just "http."
  • Never access a page from an external email link.

Amazon officials say if customers are concerned about orders placed from the retail site, they should head to Amazon.com and confirm email details match order information under "Your Orders."