Easy ways to cut your bills


Bills. Bills. Bills. They can cause headaches but there are easy and quick ways to lower them.

One example is just telling your provider that you're thinking of switching companies. Often they will offer a promotion to try to keep you as a customer. Also check out offers that are out there and know what type of plan you have. That way you can negotiate a better deal.

Want to lower your satellite bill? Get rid of those premium channel like Showtime or HBO. If you can't live without Game of Thrones -- get rid of the channel now -- and just reinstate it once the show picks back up in the Summer.

And if you want to look like a million bucks without spending it, scour gym pass offers online. Many boutique gyms offer free or discounted passes for new clients. Also don't forget community recreation centers, which often offer classes at a lower rate than more corporate gyms.

Even if you're beefing up you can still slim down your payments.