New scam makes victim accessory to crime, Sheriff's Office says


BAKER COUNTY, Fla. – The Baker County Sheriff's Office is warning of a scam in which a criminal tricks people into facilitating fraud.

The Sheriff's Office said the scam starts with a harmless post on social media that promises fast cash, conning people into providing their financial account information or online banking credentials in exchange for a kickback in some sort of deal.

Deputies said the con artist may also direct the person to advise their bank that they will be traveling, even if they won't be.

BCSO said the criminal will deposit counterfeit money into the person's account, allowing them to keep a portion of the money, then quickly withdrawal all the money in the account before the bank realizes it's a phony check.

Deputies said the victim is then forced to call their bank and report their information has been compromised -- without mentioning the credentials were given to the con artist -- and ask that their money be returned, making them an accessory to the crime.

The Sheriff's Office said not only does the scam make someone an accessory to the crime, but it also puts them on the hook for stolen funds, which cold result in time in prison.

The Sheriff's Office asks anyone who falls victim to a scam to contact them immediately.

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