Party Animal recalls dog food with potential of euthanasia drug


Pet food brand Party Animal is recalling some of its products due to the potential presence of pentobarbital, a chemical used in euthanasia.

On April 13, a retailer in Texas notified Party Animal that one of their customers had presented samples of a 13-ounce-can of Cocolicious Beef & Turkey dog food (Lot #0136E15204 04, best by July 2019) and a 13-ounce-can Cocolicious Chicken & Beef dog food (lot #0134E15 237 13, best by August 2019) to a testing lab, and that the results tested positive for pentobarbital.

Party Animal said they tracked the lot numbers of the food in question, and determined that the food had been manufactured and distributed in 2015. Party Animal contacted the two probable retailers and asked them to isolate all remaining cans from the lots.

If pet parents have cans with either of those lot numbers in their possession, they should return them to the place of purchase and will receive a full refund.