Organic yogurt maker recalls strawberry flavored product

Stonyfield recalls Strawberry O'Soy Soy Yogurt in Florida


MIAMI – Stonyfield was asking customers in Florida to throw away their strawberry-flavored soy yogurts, WPLG-TV reports.

The popular organic yogurt maker recalled their 5.3 ounce cups of "O'Soy Strawberry" Thursday, after realizing that the product shipped to Florida from their Londonderry plant had dairy yogurt instead of soy yogurt. 

According to the Food and Drug Administration the containers have a universal product code "0-52159 00603-7" and a Nov. 4, 2017 code date. For more information about the recall, call 1-800-776-2697 or e-mail creations@Stonyfield.com.


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