AAA: Don't be fueled; premium not always worth the price


JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Premium gasoline may not always for worth the price, according to new research from AAA.

While some cars are designed to run on premium octane gasoline, others simply recommend it. 

Premium gasoline is pricey. AAA found that consumers wasted nearly $2.1 billion dollars fueling vehicles with higher-octane gasoline. In doing so, there was no benefit to using premium gasoline in a vehicle that only requires regular-grade fuel.

Here are the key finds from the report:

  •         Fuel economy for test vehicles averaged a 2.7% improvement
  •         Horsepower for test vehicles averaged an increase of 1.4%
  •         Premium gasoline costs on average of 20-25% more than regular gasoline. 

AAA found the fuel economy improvements shown during testing do not offset the potential extra cost to purchase premium gasoline. AAA does recommend:

  •         Drivers of cars that require premium gasoline should always use it.
  •         For those cars that do not recommend or require premium gasoline, AAA suggests drivers opt for the lower priced, regular fuel.

One tip- any car that makes a "pinging" or "knocking" sound while using regular gasoline should be evaluated and likely needs to be switched to a higher-octane fuel.

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