Mazda recalling more than 1,000 CX-5s

Vehicle's trailer hitch wiring harness may short circuit

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Beginning next month, Mazda plans to recall more than 1,000 2017 CX-5 crossovers that have accessory trailer hitch wiring harnesses, according to a new report from Consumer Affairs.

The consumer watchdog website reported that there may not be enough room separating the harness and the exhaust muffler, meaning the two parts could come into contact.

Friction between the harness and muffler may damage the harness and cause the trailer lighting not to work properly, according to Consumer Affairs. That could increase the likelihood of a crash.

The automaker said it will let owners know if their vehicles are included in the recall. Dealers will remedy the issue and replace any damaged harnesses for free.

To learn more about this issue, consumers can contact Mazda's customer service department via phone at 1-800-222-5500.