Consumer Reports: GM says it's reviewing safety of sunroofs

File photo of sunroof from previous I-TEAM investigation
File photo of sunroof from previous I-TEAM investigation

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – General Motors says it has begun an internal review regarding the safety of sunroofs, according to Consumer Reports.

The response comes after a Consumer Reports investigation detailed how hundreds of sunroofs nationwide shattered without warning.

The investigation identified nearly 9,000 incidents involving 208 models and 25 brands. Consumer Reports found about 70 percent of the incidents happened in the last six years. 

While GM is investigating, the brand with the most complaints about exploding sunroofs in the last 22 years was Hyundai, according to Consumer Reports.

“These standards and regulations address automotive safety, including reducing injuries resulting from impact to glazing surfaces,” GM told Consumer Reports. “GM will continue to participate in government and industry activities to update glazing safety and performance standards.”

To read GM's full response in the Consumer Reports article, click here.

Last year, the News4Jax I-TEAM reported on two local cases of sunroofs that had shattered, but the vehicles were not manufactured by GM.