New kiosk cleans glasses, jewelry and more

From the airport to shopping malls and stores, more and more kiosks are popping up. 

They have them for all sorts of things: placing an order, paying a bill and now, cleaning glasses and jewelry. 
Opticwash is an Ocala-based kiosk technology company that has developed the world's first fully automated self-serve kiosk. 

It cleans and removes 99 percent of bacteria on eyewear, jewelry, watches and smartphones. 

State-of-the-art sensor technology effectively detects, completely cleans and dries the item in less than two minutes.

Opticwash can literally be placed anywhere: malls, offices, hotels, airports. 

Opticwash is an efficient and entertaining solution to cleaning a smartphone, which the average consumer touches 2,617 times each day. 

In fact, most phones are 18 times as dirty as a public restroom toilet handle. 

The founder of Opticwash said that water doesn’t penetrate the phone's shell, so there’s no chance of damage. 

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