IRS scam targets UNF students

Scammers are trying to convince students they owe money to the IRS

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – The University of North Florida is warning students of a new phone scam.

The university said scammers are calling students and trying to convince them they owe money to the IRS.

UNF freshman Amanda Rodeiro said simply being a student can make her a target for this type of scam. She said she gets calls from scammers at least twice a week.

"That's really scary," Rodeiro said. "That's very threatening and it can be a lot of danger for you, if you're naive about that kind of thing."

UNF urges students to protect themselves by looking for warning signs. For example, the IRS will never call and tell you that you owe taxes. The IRS will never ask you for credit and debit card numbers over the phone. Also, the agency will never threaten to bring in police.

You can also report any IRS impersonations on the web or you can call 800-366-4484. To learn more about scams in the area, you can contact the Better Business Bureau

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