New app pays you to buy gas

Free GetUpside app offers cash back for gas

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – North Florida consumers are just a download away from saving up to 25 cents per gallon at several gas stations in the Jacksonville area.

The savings, which are offered at several North Florida gas stations, are thanks to a new app called "GetUpside."

The free app, which is currently available in Florida, Washington, D.C., Maryland, New York and parts of Virginia, works directly with gas station owners to help bring new business to their pumps and money back to the consumer.

Wayne Lin, the co-founder and a former marketing specialist at Google, said his company has already pulled in 300,000 users issuing cash back returns of roughly $1.5 million.

'Free app, free money' is the consumer motto,” Lin said. “It’s super-easy to use. We make it so whenever you need gas, just pop open the app.”

Lin and CEO and co-founder Alex Kinnier developed algorithms to provide “personalized offers” ranging from food to gas.

Lin said that consumers using the app are earning an average of $150 in cash back per year. 

“We’ve been living in Florida since the beginning of the year " Lin said. “We’ve already had tens of thousands of people sign up for the app.”

If consumers send an email from the GetUpside app to a friend, and that friend signs up, the original user gets 2 cents per gallon for each gallon purchased by that friend, provided they enter the user's code. 

Lin said that in Washington, D.C., the app offers deals on groceries and restaurants in addition to gas. 

Ashley Hall, the marketing director at Southeast Petro, said that 200 of the 400 stations in the company’s network have joined GetUpside.

“For this industry, there’s nothing else like it out there,” Hall said.

Consumers accept the offer on the app, pay the price at the pump, take a photo of the receipt and the money shows up in their account in 24 hours.

Users can set up a PayPal account or have a check sent to their home to receive the cash they earn back.

For more information about the money-saving app, click here.