CloudPets pulled over security issue

Smart toy could be vulnerable to hackers


Amazon has pulled CloudPets from its online store. Walmart and Target pulled the toys from their shelves last week.

The toys are made by Spiral Toys and they are talking toys that are connected online and use voice recordings and an online app through Bluetooth.

On Monday, tech company Mozilla contacted Amazon with research showing those toys may be vulnerable. Connected devices are more vulnerable to hackers for a variety of reasons, including default passwords, outdated security updates or owners not installing security features.

Some hackers have gotten their hands on the toys, and they can potentially listen in on children's and parents' private conversations.

In 2017, hackers got access to CloudPets' database, which compromised emails, passwords and voice recordings from children. This particular breach affected 800,000 people.

Researchers also found that CloudPets' apps were last updated in May 2017 for iOs users and this January for Android.