Propane gas recalled over potential fire, explosion hazards

Photo courtesy of Consumer Product Safety Commission
Photo courtesy of Consumer Product Safety Commission

Keyera Energy has recalled propane gas because of fire and explosion hazards.

The recalled propane gas does not have enough odorant to alert consumers to a gas leak, according to the Consumer Product Safety Commission. Failure to detect a gas leak can lead to fire, explosion and thermal burn hazards.

The under-odorized propane gas was delivered to consumers for use in storage tanks or sold at retail locations in portable, refillable cylinders for use in recreational vehicles, barbecues, stoves and other similar appliances. 

Keyera Energy does not sell the gas directly to retailers or consumers, but it does supply distributors with propane who then sell to retailers and consumers.

There are currently no reported injuries.

Consumers should not test the propane themselves. Instead, they should contact the retailers, supplier or Keyera Energy to schedule a free inspection. If the inspection finds an insufficient amount of odorant, Keyera Energy will order additional odorant or replace the propane.

If consumers do smell a faint amount of gas or a gas leak, they should immediately leave the building and call 911.

Keyera Energy can be reach by phone at 844-879-8419 from 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. central time, by email at propane@keyera.com or online at keypropaneupdate.com for more information.