Repairman notices increase in computer hacks

Clay County security specialist says more customers having data breached

MIDDLEBURG, Fla. – The owner of a computer repair shop in Clay County said Friday he's noticed an increase in the number of clients who have been hacked.

James Wooley, a retired Navy computer security specialist who owns a repair shop in Middleburg, said hackers are locking people out of their computer using unsecured websites.

"So far, we've have 50 people that have been hacked," Wooley said. "They give you a number to call, and when you call that number then they try to convince you."

Wooley said after some convincing, the hackers usually weasel their way into the user's PC. But instead of fixing the problem, they're looking for personal information like account numbers.

"The bank across the street will send their customers over to me because they've been hacked into, and they've gotten into their bank account and stolen money," Wooley said.

Some hacks can take several days to fix, and some are so extensive they require a complete wipe of the hard drive.

Wooley said a lot of people leave their computer on with their browser open when they're not using it. He recommends users disconnect from their network when they step away for extended periods.

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