5 things you're paying too much for

Items you can get for free or a lot less than you think

If you're a bargain hunter, chances are you spend a lot of time searching for the best deals. However, some of those great finds aren't really all that terrific.

Even though it may look like an enticing deal, you may be able to find the same item or service for free or way less than you think. That's why we found the five things you shouldn't pay top dollar for because you can get them for cheap or free.

Book downloads and movie rentals are the first two. There's no reason to download books or buy them if there is a library in your area. You can check out books and movies for free at your local library as long as you are a member. Plus, if you have an Amazon prime account, some movie and book downloads are included.

Next on the list are brand name medications. This is a big one. Pharmaceutical companies spend a lot of money trying to convince you to buy items with their name on the label. Before you buy, however, you should always consider the generic. They are held to the same standard as the brand names and can be free or just pennies on the dollar.


Brand-name medicines aren't the only deal you should be rethinking. If there's a generic version for your favorite food or shampoo, give it a shot. Generics don't always live up to the quality you want, but your grocer's store brand is often a very safe and cheaper bet.

Finally, anti-virus software. This is something you need, but it's not something that requires you to open your wallet. There are quite a few free anti-virus programs available online. PC Magazine recently selected what it considers to be the best of 2018. Here is the list to help you decide.