Best Buy to expand toy selection ahead of the holidays

The expansion will be both in-store and online


JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Best Buy plans to expand its toy section ahead of the holidays.

The company is betting that shoppers coming in to buy a new TV during the holidays might want to leave with Barbies or Legos too. This change may bring in sales left behind by “Toys R Us.”

The expansion will be made in 1,000 stores around the country. The company will be making room to display toys like Hatchimals, remote control cars and Nerf. More than 90 percent of this year’s lineup will be new to Best Buy stores.

Best Buy will also promote toys on its website and in a mail catalog.

The electronics store is not the only chain moving toward a larger toy selection. Target, Walmart and Party City are all competing with one another to pick up sales left behind by Toys R Us' bankruptcy.