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AARP: Veterans twice as likely to be scammed

Top scams organization says to watch out for

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JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – On Monday, the nation will honor the men and women who fought to keep the country free, and regrettably, those same people are most likely to fall victim to a scam, according to AARP.

To keep veterans aware, the U.S. Postal Inspection Service and AARP launched Operation Protect Veterans. These are some of the scams they're warning about.

Benefits scams

Buyout scam: Scammers offer upfront payment of cash in exchange for a veteran's future disability or pension payments.

Investment/pension scam: Scammers say veterans may be able to claim additional government benefits by overhauling their investment holdings.

Veterans Choice Program scam: Veterans call a fake number that's nearly identical to the actual number and a message tells them to leave their credit card information for a rebate. (The correct number is 866-606-8198.)

Charging for records: A scammer tries to charge for access to a veteran's military records or government forms. (All information is free through the VA.)

Identity theft

VA phishing: Scammers call veterans and pretend to be with the VA. They ask for personal information to update records. (Just hang up.)

Employment scams: Bogus jobs are posted to recruit veterans online, typically on job boards. The scammer may use or sell personal information from the job application. (It's likely a scam if you're paying to get a job.)

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